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Mark O'Reilly


Mark's background is in process and product development focusing on sustainable solutions for safe production and management of food systems and related resource management. He is the co-founder and CEO of SprayTraQ Inc., licensee of the patent pending technology developed specifically to facilitate the transportation industry and co-owner of the patent assignee, Biosyn Inc. His experience includes managing the development of market ready antimicrobial and anti fungal products used in in-line poultry processing, post-harvest field crops, micro-irrigation systems and a very effective dairy cow product to remedy mastitis. Mark pioneered the use of air-assisted electrostatic spray applications in banana and plantain cultivation to combat fungal infections and later adapted this system to co-created the ideal model to provide safe, efficacious and cost effective transportation sanitation.

Having studied Agricultural Sciences at University College, Dublin, Ireland, Mark has a deep appreciation for the challenges faced along the entire food supply chain. Mark is co-developer of the SprayTraQ business model for transportation sanitization, tracking and audit ready processes.

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